Membership Management

Manage member information, Register, Update and Remove members from the Group

Member Contributions

Contribution Categorization,receive payments,Transfers, Statements

Loan Management

Create Loan Products, Issue Loans, Receive payments,Amortization

Group Investments

Categorize your investments, Record investments, withdraw investments, Get Investment Reports, Sell Investments...

Bank Account Management

Track bank account transactions with statments of every transaction and Operation that goes through the bank

Events and Calendars

Create group events, Get a calendar of envents list, Notify members of upcoming events, Members Attandance Records


Send Messages to the Group Members, Send Emails, Delivery status for Messages, Send Customer Messages...


No More hustles for the treasurer to track how much the chama is worth or has invested.. Get instant reports

Documents and Files

Keep all your documents in one place and share them with members, Minutes, Bank Statements, investment documents

Chamanett Group Financial Management

Digitizing Table Banking

You can now rubber stamp your trust for your group and chama members by enrolling your group to Chamanett Software to help your track your contributions and those of other members, Know the group financial status at anyime. Chamanett is built to help the group achieve the following and much more...

  • Manage Members Information.
  • Contributions Management.
  • Penalty and Charges Management.
  • Loan/Credit management.
  • Calendar of Events.
  • Enhance Transparency in the Chama.
  • Engage in Discussions.
  • Document and File Sharing.
  • Real time Payment Statements.
  • Notify Members on Default.
  • Realtime Group Financial status.
  • Back to Back Tasks Automation.
  • Email & SMS Communication.
  • Meetings and Minute Writing.
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